So, what if her rejecting you was a gift?

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I would look at getting into a company that does «Managed Services» as a Field Engineer or similar title. «Managed services» is basically outsourced IT small companies hire a firm to deal with their IT vs hiring an internal IT staff.This will expose you to a wide variety of technologies quickly, and ramp your experience up. These jobs typically pay pretty well, although they often require hard work and lots of hours as your hours will often be billable.

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Ben was notorious for avoiding his playmakers and both Bell and Brown went on record to say he wasn a great leader and never went out of his way to bond with them, not even over a drink. Brown and Ben were kinda chirping at each other over media, nothing too extreme, then Ben went on his podcast and made some choice comments that Brown took offense to. From there it kinda escalated over media until the damage was done, and Brown decided to tank his trade value in order to get off the team faster..

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