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Dumbstruck by shock and fear, the youngster and his brother Russell, then aged just 12 and 13, watched on helplessly as their father, Silas Duane Boston , hogtied a young couple, covered their faces with plastic bags, weighed them down with enormous metal gears and pushed them off his boat to their deaths.Vince voice is calm and measured as he speaks about the day he witnessed the horrific final moments of Manchester graduates Chris Farmer and Peta Frampton, off the coast of central America in the summer of 1978.»I was just in shock, my knees were just shaking. We didn say anything, we were speechless, it like watching a horror movie in real life.»Manchester Grammar School old boy Chris, 25, had just qualified as a doctor, while Peta, 24, a former Whalley Range High School girl, had just qualified as a lawyer when they left to travel the world in 1977.They would never come home.Now the story of their tragic fate, their family decades long search for answers, the bravery of the killer two sons, and how he escaped justice after an evil past, are all told in a new podcast series.In one of Peta many letters to her family before she and Chris vanished, she explained that they had met an American named who offered to take them from Belize to Mexico as crew members on his 32ft wooden sailing boat, the Justin B, with his young sons.At some point during the journey, Chris had chided Boston for bullying one of the boys.The drunken skipper had taken a swing at Chris but missed, falling into the ocean.Humiliated, he vowed revenge.Speaking to BBC 5 Live journalists Dan Maudsley and Stephen Nolan for Paradise, the podcast about the case, Vince recalls in graphic detail what happened next.His father ordered him and his brother Russell to hide all the knives on board.Then, after beating Chris so hard with a club that it broke, he tied the couple up.Vince was made to stand guard over Peta.»She said are going to burn in hell I didn say anything», Vince recalls. «I probably in my mind agreed with her.

But who’s got time to practice in these hectic times? Lately, I’m lucky to get out once a month and my putting (read: self esteem) has suffered accordingly. Buy me a practice basket for my yard, guys. I need this.. If you have chemo brain that persists and you’ve tried all the self help tips, talk with a neuropsychologist. This is a doctor who specializes in the brain and can help with attention span and memory. He will find areas where you need help and tell you if other treatable problems like depression, anxiety, and fatigue are to blame..

For a few seconds after Jeff Mangum walked out of the wings at the Fox Theater in Oakland on Monday night, there was only one prevailing collective thought. Shit, he real, said almost everybody to themselves. For a certain fraction of the sold out crowd, that moment could have begun and ended the show. Was a horrible day, said MediaNews Group chairman and Denver Post publisher Dean Singleton, as horrible as it was, Americans came together and were able to recover. Today we remember those whose lives were lost and we celebrate why we are the greatest nation in the world. Sens.

There in the middle of the highway was an absolutely massive deer, dead. I couldn see it until we were already close because frankly, my headlights were shit. I somehow managed to dodge it with only a couple inches to spare but I couldn honestly tell you how I maintained control of the vehicle when I turned so hard, so fast.

When a homeowner needs to hire a contractor, they often ask neighbors who they use to do similar jobs. Keep your name in their minds with mailings and local online advertising. Leave extra business cards with your existing customers (so they can give them out if anyone asks for your number)..

They are all out there to sell you more new (very expensive) ink cartridges. This leaves us with the clasic trial and error appraoch. AKA «lets try it and see what happens». The tabletop was featured in one of two recent exhibits at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum that looked at ways in which items many people assume cannot be recycled are transformed. It includes Starbucks packaging, with the famous green logos barely visible in the swirls of pattern, and is part of the museum’s new exhibit, «Tablescapes: Designs for Dining.» Another show that originated at the Cooper Hewitt, «Scraps: Fashion, Textiles and Creative Reuse,» is on view at the Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center in California through Jan. 14, 2019.