The Company advanced its preparation for a potential drilling

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canadian goose jacket A recently completed 3D seismic has confirmed that the Capela Potash Project is the possible northern extension to Vale’s Taquari Vassouras mine to the south. The 3D seismic has identified the potential presence of salt layers at relatively shallow depths. The Company advanced its preparation for a potential drilling programme, subject to available funding, through the completion of pre drilling site visits as well as the progression of drilling quotes, landowner access permits and environmental canada goose baby uk licenses.. canadian goose jacket

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Police in France fired tear gas at several hundred demonstrators in Strasbourg. This weekend up to 40,000 protestors are expected at the NATO summit. Seeks Non Military Aid From NATOThe two day conference co hosted by the Rhine river cities canada goose factory outlet vancouver of Strasbourg,, and Kehl, is the second of three major international meetings taking place in Europe this see here now week.

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