The fact that they showed no sympathy for their actions

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Rotavirus is the world’s most common cause of diarrhea in

canada goose The above article plainly states the main reason neonates (newborns) end up with jaundice. There is no governmental conspiracy, and I think that I (and my child) are pretty lucky to live in a time when the most insidious diseases can be prevented with vaccines. It amazing to me how soon people forget […]

A friend of a friend shows up

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Teams competing in this year’s tournament include: New Trier

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While you’re waiting to meet your new bundle of joy

buy canada goose jacket Including implying that if you don’t come to a unanimous decision in your caucus you lose representation for the seats that are in contention. Then Clinton supporters conspired to get more of their representatives to go up to the next level because «you only have to vote for Bernie the first […]