I guess the dynastic story is about to flip in the B1G

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Now Denver must convert fourth down with 16 seconds left to keep its hopes intact. Keenum has the Broncos at Kansas City’s 28 yard line. Broncos convert a fourth and 12! Big throw by Keenum to Sanders on the sideline. It a sham. An indoctrination platform for young adults. It the left version of Sunday School..

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Bassist for A Perfect Circle. As opposed to the very creative and rather flashy bassist that Justin Chancellor from Tool is, McJunkins seems to me like he there to have a hard foundation on their songs and keep it at that. That not to undermine his creativeness, also, but he not going for the lengths that Chancellor is.

I’m saying politicians have condemned Saudi Arabia for their oppressive laws and condemned the people in charge in my government for continuing to do business with them. I don’t think I have seen any politicians from my country (USA) defend Islam as much as I have seen them say to people «hey maybe let’s not judge and hate based on differing beliefs». You’re asking for some evidence of them criticizing oppressive extreme Islamic regimes and I would gladly find some if you’d like to carry the discussion further but I also haven’t seen any of this verifiable proof that they defend Muslim people’s beliefs either as much as defending people’s right to do what they want.

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